Customer: Angel Trains (ROSCO) / Arriva Trains Wales (TOC)

The Class 158 fleet had entered service in 1990/91 and having been in service for over 20 years, the vehicles were due for a comprehensive refurbishment. The vision of both the vehicle owner (Angel Trains) and the operator (Arriva Trains Wales), was to create an overhauled and refurbished interior that gave the impression of being a completely new train.


  • Full Interior and Exterior Repaint.
  • Complete Interior refurbishment of the Passenger Saloon Area to give a “new vehicle” appearance to the saloon interior – including:
    • Fitment of new Grammer IC3000 seating.
    • Enhanced luggage storage solutions, incorporating newly designed luggage racks and stacks.
    • New saloon carpets and flooring substrate renewed throughout.
    • New waist rail trim and bodyside compact laminate dado panels.
    • New saloon tables.
    • Installation of additional wheelchair space in DMS-B vehicle.
  • New Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions incorporating brighter and more ambient lighting levels throughout the vehicle whilst at the same time reducing overall power consumption.
  • LED lighting installed in the vestibule, toilet and vehicle entrance areas, and fitment of new emergency lighting installation.
  • Fitment of “At-Seat” Power Supplies for charging of mobile phones and small electronic devices.
  • Fitment of Passenger Information System, including call-for-aid system (with talkback facility).
  • New Bodyside Door Leaves.
  • Complete refurbishment of toilet modules, including fitment of new sink, hand dryer, lighting, baby-changing table, and vanity unit.
  • Remodelling of vestibule areas to include a wider and brighter corridor between vehicles, whilst also providing additional “perch” seating.
  • Removal of unused parcels storage areas, and replacement with additional facilities for stowage of bicycles.
  • Fitment of low-energy cab cooling equipment to drivers cabs.
  • Fitment of laminated glazing through the unit.
  • Upgraded Interior/Exterior and Toilet Door Control Buttons that meet PRM-TSI requirements.
  • New LED/HID Head/Tail Marker Lights.
  • Fitment of LED Bodyside Indicator Lights.
  • C6 Heavy Maintenance Exam, including doorgear overhaul and modifications.